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Issue Thirteen: Fantasy

What do your wildest dreams and Hagrid have in common? They’re both fantasies baby! This issue we explored the ins and outs of our collective fantasies. From the kinky to dream meals to mystical beings—to having kinky dream meals with mystical beings—we dove into those special places where dreams and reality clash, chatted with folks that shape our perceptions of the fantastical, and dove into how our desires affect our day to day lives. Do you spend hours pondering a life in a world beyond our own? Or maybe you find yourself dreaming of a meal unlike any you’ve had before, food so incredible it’s hard to believe it’s real. If so, the Fantasy issue is for you.  

Cover photography by Stephanie Gonot, food styling by Casey Dobbins and prop styling by Amy Taylor


About Compound Butter Magazine: 

Compound Butter is a biannual publication about food, art, and all the things in between. We feature work created by up and coming and creative folks from all over the world.