Glow Dust | powdered cleanser + exfoliant

LUA Skincare


GLOW dust high potency dry cleanser | exfoliant is activated once you add the water to keep it at MAX freshness. No preservatives, No harsh chemicals! Clay draws out impurities, Fruit & Botanical Extracts pack a Vitamin A+B+C punch, & Bamboo gently exfoliates for your softest skin EVER, we're serious. Bye-bye rough patches...See ya later pores. Main Ingredients: Kaolin White Clay (the mildest of clays) helps draw out impurities while absorbing & removing dirt + oil. Bamboo Stem Extract gently exfoliates leaving behind smooth & fresh skin imparting a natural glow. Aloe Leaf contains hydrating & conditioning antioxidants that provide relief to inflamed & irritated skin. Rosehip Extract is high in Vitamin A that promotes skin regeneration & improves texture + clarity. White Willow Bark is a natural source of salicylic acid which can aid in exfoliation as well as preventing breakouts. Pineapple Extract’s enzymes, including bromelain, help gently exfoliate while targeting inflammation.