Kin Spritz: Loose Can Case (24 Total Cans Per Case)

Kin Euphorics


Mind: mellowed Nurture some calm, quiet your stresses. Spirit: grounded Relax your body, soften your mood, slip into slumber. Hangover: never Sleep deeper, rouse restored Adaptogens | soothe Our soothing adaptogenic blend features reishi The taste Mushroom and passion flower for their calming s Effects on the mind. Nootropics | replenish we add a dash of melatonin plus l-theanine to relax The body and regulate your circadian rhythm. Botanics | nourish Spiced with oak, clove, ginger, cinnamon, and chili, each sip will aid digestion and balance the palate. E S Evocatively earthy, soulfully smoky, and eductively spicy. Perfect on its own or paired with oat milk. Nice on ice or warmed. The dose 5 calories 1g sugar 0.25mg melatonin The specs 1 bottle, 500 ml /16.9 oz. Serving size: approx. 1.5oz. 11 servings per bottle 0 alcohol. Note: Ordering units have been updated to case quantities! Pricing and case configuration have not changed. This unit is one case including 24 cans.