Seven Potions Beard Balm

Seven Potions


Seven Potions Beard Balm adds nourishment to your facial hair, making your beard appear softer with a more well-defined look. Sculpted to perfection, glowing with health, and smelling divine, your facial hair is about to draw in the masses. With premium ingredients that condition as they work, you will notice your hair is softer and your skin feels nourished and moisturised. Woodland Harmony Derived from natural essential oils, the Woodland Harmony balm is musky and sweet, with a fragrance that is the essence of all things male. A delightful yet discreet blend of cedarwood, sandalwood and a mix of essential oils Citrus Tonic This warm and energetic blend is instantly uplifting. In order to achieve optimum appeal, the Citrus Tonic balm boasts a subtle citrusy scent mixed with afternotes of musk and woods. This blend gives you a never overpowering, refreshing and manly smell. A unique combination of lemon, lime and a blend of essential oils