Seven Potions Beard Oil

Seven Potions


Seven Potions All-Natural Beard Oil is a premium beard oil designed to make your beard softer, healthier, naturally shinier and more manageable. CHOOSE YOUR SCENT -- ALL 100% NATURAL, VEGAN, AND HIGH QUALITY Pure Equilibrium is the beard oil that any bearded man can use and appreciate, especially if he doesn't like to obscure his natural scent. This fragrance-free beard oil means you can trust your natural pheromones or your favorite cologne to lure in the object of your desire. Citrus Tonic is a warm and energetic beard oil will appeal to all your desires. Its luxurious scents and unrivaled quality instantly transport your senses to the liveliest corners of the Earth. Coat your whiskers in subtle wood and citrus aromas. Woodland Harmony's sweet and woody aromas are derived from 100% natural cedar wood, sandalwood and a blend of woody and musky essential oils.