Skin Milk | Face/hair mask + milk bath

Butter & Me


Specially formulated as a multi-purpose skincare product, Skin Milk can be applied as a face/hair mask and milk bath. Bringing tender loving care for the pampering of your skin, Skin Milk hydrates and soothes your skin with only the goodness of skin-friendly ingredients. Ingredients: Coconut milk - Rich in Vitamin C which helps keep skin supple and firm. Its high copper content helps prevent wrinkles, sagging skin and age spots. Colloidal oatmeal - Reduces redness and inflammation of skin, giving relief to irritated and itchy skin. Angelica Dahurica powder - Lighten hyper-pigmention or dark spots on the skin. Its strong anti-inflammatory properties are beneficial in treating acne skin. Kaolin clay - Known for its ability in pulling dirt and impurities from skin pores. Two ways to use it: 1. As face/hair mask Add water to Skin Milk -> Mix well -> Apply on face/hair -> Rinse after 15 mins. 2. As milk bath Add 3-5 tbsp of Skin Milk into the bathtub while warm water is running.