The Mesh Bag with Bottle Pockets (Tangerine) l June




A beautiful way to haul it all. Made in Los Angeles, California. This stunning transparent fabric is durable and can hold up to 45 pounds.

Product Details:

  • Inside, you’ll find two deep pockets for your wallet, phone or keys.
  • The mesh folds up to fit inside any purse or pocket. Stains and dirt can be easily removed by a quick hand wash in the sink with some liquid soap or detergent.
  • Dries in no time. 
  • Polyester mesh, 20” w X 28.5” h

This fabric is uniquely designed to hold extremely heavy loads. Inside this version, you’ll find two additional bottle pockets for anything that needs a little protection (wine bottles, olive oil, cucumbers, etc.)


More about the brand: 

In 2014, Janean Mann visited Ciudad Juárez, Mexico and was struck by the rows of fliers pleading for information on missing women, mostly young girls. The deaths of these women had grown exponentially since her last visit. In a place plagued by human and drug trafficking, it seems a culture of corruption, cartels and misogyny had created a perfect storm of violence against innocent women, across the city.

This mass violence still happens today. For the last four years, Janean has dedicated the design, prototype and creation of her company to helping these women. She partnered with an all female sewing co-op in Juarez to offer sustainable income for the women there. And now, for every bag purchased, a donation is also made to help empower and protect women from violence, through the Global Fund for Women.